WWE 2K24: Unleashing Wrestling Mayhem and Time-Traveling Showdowns

Wrestling fans, get ready to rumble and rejoice, because WWE 2K24 is storming the virtual ring with a flurry of excitement! Developed by the ingenious...

Andrew Zhou

Jan 22, 2024

WWE 2K24: Unleashing Wrestling Mayhem and Time-Traveling Showdowns

Wrestling fans, get ready to rumble and rejoice, because WWE 2K24 is storming the virtual ring with a flurry of excitement! Developed by the ingenious minds at Visual Concepts and published by the legendary 2K, this latest addition to the franchise promises to be a knockout punch of nostalgia and adrenaline. With new modes, jaw-dropping customization options, and a star-studded roster spanning decades, this game is poised to be a true champion among wrestling titles.

Last year's WWE 2K23 set the bar sky-high with its content-packed extravaganza, and WWE 2K24 is here to raise the stakes even further. The irresistible gem in this crown of glory is the 2K Showcase...of the Immortals mode, which invites players to step into the shoes of wrestling legends and relive the most iconic moments from WWE history over the past 40 years. But that's not all; prepare yourselves for an onslaught of heart-pounding action with four new match types, including the chaotic Ambulance and Casket matches. Alongside these thrilling additions, brace yourselves for two captivating MyRISE storylines, over 200 playable wrestlers, and a plethora of improvements to existing features like weapons and Paybacks. The virtual ring has never been hotter!

We had the honor of sitting down with WWE 2K24's creative director, Lynell Jinks, and associate gameplay producer, Bryan Williams, to get the inside scoop on the game's monumental upgrades, the mind-boggling player customization, and what has them jumping out of their seats with excitement for the fans' reactions.

Screen Rant: The 2K Showcase...of the Immortals mode is one of the most thrilling aspects of WWE 2K24, taking us on a time-traveling journey through 40 mesmerizing years. Could you share with us the highlights of this mode and the challenges involved in selecting those standout moments?

Lynell Jinks: Oh, it's a blast, but let me tell you, it's like trying to untangle a thousand-foot-long phone charger. With four decades of matches to choose from, picking the most iconic moments from each era while paying homage to the legends was no easy task. We had to consider various factors, like wrestlers who may no longer be with WWE or those in different federations. Despite the challenges, we managed to come up with an amazing lineup of matches that will leave fans in awe. Each match tells a captivating story, capturing the essence and build-up of every WrestleMania showdown. The attention to detail was insane, from matching the in-game models to the live-action footage frame by frame. Seamless transition, my friend!

Bryan Williams: Absolutely! And let me tell you, we're not stopping there. We're bringing four new match types to the table, and they are pure chaos in their own unique ways. Take the Special Guest Referee match, for instance. Imagine the anarchy when the referee, be it an AI or another human player, starts showing favoritism or makes questionable calls. It's mayhem personified, and who wants a fair and square match anyway? We're here to cause some delightful chaos! We've also resurrected the Gauntlet Match, which is an endurance test like no other. Can you survive the relentless onslaught of opponents? And let's not forget the Casket and Ambulance matches; they're brutal, they're wild, and they're loaded with carnage. You can even use the casket and ambulance as weapons! Personally, I'm a fan of the Gauntlet, but hey, tastes vary!

Lynell Jinks: Give me the Gauntlet any day! It's a whirlwind of turmoil! [Laughs]

Screen Rant: The level of customization and player control in WWE 2K games has always been impressive. How are you taking it to the next level this time?

Lynell Jinks: Ah, customization, the heart and soul of our game! We pride ourselves on offering the most extensive Creation Suite in the universe. We're talking about creating superstars, their entrances, victory scenes, money in the bank briefcases, championship designs, and even shows! But the real game-changer this year is our lifelike character creation. No more pulling your hair out in frustration to make yourself look like me or Bryan!

Bryan Williams: Preach!

Lynell Jinks: Exactly! We've introduced cutting-edge technology that allows players to create characters with mind-blowing accuracy. You'll be amazed at how close you can get to recreating yourself or your favorite wrestling stars. It's like having a virtual mirror that captures every little detail. We've raised the bar, my friend!

Bryan Williams: And let's not forget the presentational aspect! When you choose a superstar to be the referee, like Bianca Belair or RheaRipley, their unique mannerisms and signature moves will shine through. It adds that extra layer of authenticity and immersion to the game. We wanted players to feel like they're truly in control of their own wrestling universe, and we've given them the tools to make that happen.

Screen Rant: With over 200 playable wrestlers, including current superstars and legends, how did you manage to strike a balance and ensure each wrestler feels distinct and true to their real-life counterpart?

Bryan Williams: Ah, the roster! It's a delicate dance, my friend. We have such a diverse range of wrestlers, each with their own style, personality, and fan base. Our team worked tirelessly to capture the essence of each wrestler and translate it into the game. From their signature moves to their taunts and even their facial expressions, we left no stone unturned. We also collaborated closely with the wrestlers themselves, taking their feedback and insights to heart. It's all about staying true to their characters while giving players the freedom to explore and create dream matchups they've always wanted to see.

Lynell Jinks: It's a true labor of love. We know how passionate fans are about their favorite wrestlers, so we wanted to do justice to these larger-than-life personalities. We've also introduced a new momentum system that adds another layer of strategy to the matches. It allows players to build up momentum and unleash devastating, cinematic signature moves that will blow your mind. It's all about that adrenaline rush and that feeling of being in control of the ultimate showdown.

Screen Rant: The WWE 2K series has always been known for its attention to detail and capturing the spectacle of wrestling. What are some of the smaller details and improvements that fans can look forward to in WWE 2K24?

Lynell Jinks: Oh, we've got a laundry list of improvements! For starters, we've enhanced the weapon physics, making every chair shot, kendo stick swing, and ladder collision feel more impactful and realistic. We've also revamped the Paybacks system, allowing players to strategically counter their opponents' moves and turn the tide of the match. It's all about that moment of surprise and outsmarting your opponent. We've also listened to fan feedback and made improvements to the online experience, ensuring smoother matchmaking and more stable connections. And of course, we've sprinkled in countless smaller details, like improved crowd reactions, dynamic commentary, and enhanced visuals, to really immerse players in the electrifying atmosphere of WWE.

Bryan Williams: It's the little things that make a big difference. We're all about those "Did you see that?!" moments. And trust me, players will experience plenty of those in WWE 2K24.

Screen Rant: One last question before we wrap up. What are you most excited for fans to experience in WWE 2K24?

Lynell Jinks: Oh, it's hard to pick just one thing! But if I had to choose, I'd say the 2K Showcase...of the Immortals mode. It's a love letter to the history of WWE, and I can't wait to see fans reliving those iconic moments and creating their own legendary matches.

Bryan Williams: I'm with you on that, Lynell, but I'm also pumped to see the insane creations players come up with using our lifelike character creation. The possibilities are endless, and I know fans are going to blow us away with their creativity.

Lynell Jinks: Absolutely! It's going to be an unforgettable journey for wrestling fans. Get ready to unleash mayhem and create your own epic moments in WWE 2K24!

As we concluded our interview with Lynell Jinks and Bryan Williams, their enthusiasm and passion for WWE 2K24 were palpable. With its time-traveling showcase, mind-boggling customization options, and a roster bursting with wrestling legends and superstars, this game is poised to be an electrifying experience for fans old and new. Get your controllers ready, wrestling fans, because WWE 2K24 is ready to deliver a symphony of slam dunks, body slams, and adrenaline-fueled action like never before!


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