Starfield: War Relics Quest Walkthrough

The primary objective of the United Colonies Vanguard is to safeguard the people it serves, no matter the means necessary. While acknowledging that th...

Katie Wickens

Oct 06, 2023

Starfield: War Relics Quest Walkthrough

The primary objective of the United Colonies Vanguard is to safeguard the people it serves, no matter the means necessary. While acknowledging that the faction holds its fair share of secrets, its overall alignment leans towards being good. This understanding can make joining the Vanguard more appealing in Starfield. After all, which government agency doesn't have a few closely guarded secrets?

While advancing through the questline, you will discover additional details about the history of the UC Vanguard, their concealed secrets, and the escalating threat of Terrormorph. To effectively combat this threat, your optimal strategy is to join forces with Hadrian and the Red Devils. However, you will also require assistance from a particularly unique robot to succeed in your mission.

Where To Find Kaiser

Starfield: War Relics Quest Walkthrough

Upon finishing The Devils You Know quest within the UC Vanguard storyline, Vae Victis will provide you with information regarding Kaiser, a former member of Hadrian's research team. However, you will be responsible for personally locating and collecting Kaiser.

Vae Victis instructs you to visit Hadrian at the Red Devils Headquarters to obtain the schematics for Kaiser. Travel to Mars and descend via the operational elevator to reach the Red Devils HQ.

Speak with Hadrian to provide her with an update on the current situation regarding the research team and Kaiser. Then, follow her to acquire the schematics before proceeding on your mission.

You have the option to inform Hadrian about her father being alive, but it is advisable to keep this information confidential for the time being.

Hadrian directs you to 1-Of-A-Kind Salvage in the Narion System on the planet Niira to locate Kaiser.

Upon arrival, engage in a conversation with Angelo "Gel" Alonso. Gel is familiar with Kaiser, referring to him as "Captain Ahab," but he hasn't had any recent sightings of him.

You have the option to explore the scrap yard on your own or pay Gel for additional information regarding Kaiser's current location.

Pay For Information

Starfield: War Relics Quest

Gel initially proposes a price of 1,000 credits for the information, but if you successfully navigate through a series of six persuasion stages, you can lower the cost to 675 credits.

If you choose to pay Gel, he will mark Kaiser's last known location on your map, simplifying the process of finding him. However, if you are low on credits, we have already discovered Kaiser's whereabouts for you.

How To Find Kaiser On Your Own

Starfield: War Relics

Kaiser was last spotted in the vicinity of the Syracuse wreckage within the scrapyard. After leaving Gel's workshop, make your way towards the northernmost location marked on the map.

The scrapyard is inhabited by Ecliptic Mercenaries and Sirens who wander around. They can be quite formidable, particularly when encountered in groups, so be cautious and remain vigilant to ensure your safety.

Gel suggests that you stay attentive and listen for the sound of the beacon that Kaiser carries. You will likely hear it before you actually see him.

Starfield: War

Upon reaching the Syracuse wreckage, you will have two options to enter. You can either climb in through the open side door or descend from the open hatch located on top of the wreckage.

As you arrive, you will discover Kaiser in a state of distress, desperately seeking assistance as his battery power is being drained by Heatleeches.

Eliminate the three Heatleeches using your preferred weapon and then engage in conversation with Kaiser. To activate his voice controls, input the password: "Nos Belli Machinis."

How To Get A Microcell


Due to Kaiser's depleted battery, he is unable to function properly. You will need to acquire a new battery for him, but it may prove challenging if you don't have an abundance of credits.

Return to Gel and engage in a discussion about locating a Microcell.

Purchase The Microcell From Gel

The quickest method to repair Kaiser is to buy a Microcell directly from Gel. However, this will come at a steep cost of 11,784 credits. Unfortunately, there is no room for negotiation this time.

Nevertheless, acquiring the Microcell from Gel will allow you to progress to the next stage of the quest, ultimately saving you valuable time in the process.

Find The Parts To Make A Microcell

Furthermore, you have the option to strike a deal with Gel: in return for providing you with tips on the most promising locations to search for a Microcell, you agree to sell him any additional ones you come across.

If you are not interested in the deal, you are free to search for the parts on your own. Alternatively, you can utilize our map to assist you in locating the optimal spots to find the necessary components.

It is advisable to proceed with the deal offered by Gel, as you are not obligated to sell any additional items you discover to him.

Entering into the deal with Gel will help narrow down your search for the Microcell, allowing you to focus on specific locations. Additionally, during your search, you will come across a significant amount of ammunition and crafting materials.

To assemble a Microcell, you will need to collect three distinct parts from the salvage yard. The required parts are as follows:

  • Microcell Shielding
  • Microcell Conductor Ray
  • Microcell Power Source

After acquiring all three parts, proceed to an Industrial Workbench where you can construct the Microcell. Once the Microcell is complete, bring it back to Kaiser.

Before joining you and Hadrian to confront the Terrormorph threat, Kaiser has a personal mission to fulfill. He must disable Unit 99, a Siren, and he requires your assistance to accomplish this task.

Should You Spare Or Kill Unit 99?

Accompany Kaiser as he scans for Unit 99, eliminating any Sirens or Ecliptic Mercenaries that obstruct your path. As you progress, Kaiser will notify you when he has located Unit 99. However, a complication arises: it is currently under the control of the Ecliptic faction.

You have two choices: either engage in a direct confrontation, using force to eliminate everyone involved, or adopt a stealthy approach to handle the situation.

Eliminating the Ecliptic Enemies

Opting for a direct assault by rushing in with your weapons is the quickest and most straightforward approach to resolve the situation. Kaiser will accompany you during this battle, and there are a few mercenaries present for you to eliminate.

Be vigilant and ensure that no mercenaries succeed in opening the cage. If they do, you will not only have to handle the Ecliptic faction but also confront Unit 99 on your own.

Make effective use of your environment to gain the upper hand and increase your chances of survival. Once the combat has subsided and Unit 99 has been defeated, Kaiser's mission will be successfully accomplished.

How To Seal Unit 99's Restraints

If you prefer to avoid harming Unit 99, you have the option to employ stealth and maneuver your way into the second level of the facility.

Kaiser will not accompany you on this stealth mission, as his abilities are not suited for such operations.

The most effective approach is to leap down from the cliffs that overlook the camp, quietly ascend the stairs, and enter the office. Once inside, proceed to activate the computer terminal.

Using the terminal, you have the ability to lock the cage, preventing any access with Ecliptic keycards and rendering the gate unopenable during combat. From there, you can choose to maintain a stealthy approach, eliminating the Ecliptic members one by one, or you can engage in open combat by opening fire on everyone.

On the bridge that overlooks the camp, you will find a sizable explosive container, as well as several smaller ones. These can be utilized to inflict significant damage when detonated.

Sneak attacks will prove advantageous in this situation, as the additional damage inflicted can assist you in swiftly eliminating enemies. Once all adversaries have been dealt with, make your way back to Kaiser.

Kaiser shall subsequently advance towards Unit 99 and eradicate its interface, thereby guaranteeing the elimination of any potential menace it poses to non-combatants under UC supervision. As you depart, the cage shall be programmed to unlock after a predetermined duration, thus kindly ensure to thoroughly explore the vicinity for any valuables prior to your departure.

Upon conversing with Kaiser following the securing of the cage and successful elimination of the camp's occupants, you shall be presented with a consequential decision: whether to spare or terminate Unit 99 once again. It is crucial to note that this serves as your final chance to reconsider your stance.

Although sparing Unit 99 does not yield any tangible rewards, it represents a moral choice, particularly considering the UC's past involvement in xenowarfare.

Make your way back to the Red Devils headquarters situated on Mars in order to reunite Kaiser with Hadrian and Percival. Their elation knows no bounds upon regaining their robotic companion, as his presence will undeniably prove invaluable in their mission.

Upon witnessing the exchange between the trio, signifying the culmination of the quest, you shall be duly rewarded with experience points (XP) and credits. Without delay, the subsequent quest commences as you proceed to follow Hadrian.


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