Skyrim: Every Player House & How To Get Them

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is renowned for its vast array of dungeons and abundance of items waiting to be discovered. However, even with the ability...

D. Hardawar

Oct 16, 2023

Skyrim: Every Player House & How To Get Them

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is renowned for its vast array of dungeons and abundance of items waiting to be discovered. However, even with the ability to carry a significant amount of gear, every adventurer requires a place to store their valuable treasures.

Player homes play a crucial role in fulfilling this need. Skyrim offers a diverse selection of player houses that cater to various types of players. While many player homes are pre-built and located within cities, there are also exceptions that involve creating a home from scratch. For those aspiring to become Thanes or seeking completion in the game, here is a comprehensive guide to all of Skyrim's player houses tied to Holds. Please note that this guide does not include player homes associated with factions, spouses, or remote shacks.

Updated on October 15, 2023, by Sean Murray: A Skyrim playthrough would not be considered complete without having a personal home to call your own. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information about each of Skyrim's houses, simplifying the process of selecting the perfect home for your character. Additionally, we have included additional breakout tips and links to other useful Skyrim topics, ensuring a more enriched gaming experience.

How Many Player Houses Are In Skyrim?

Skyrim: Every Player House & How To Get Them

Here is the location of each pre-built house:




Located in Whiterun


Found in Windhelm


The player home in Riften

Proudspire Manor

An expensive three-story building located in Solitude.

Severin Manor

A free house located in Raven Rock that is associated with a quest.

  • Requires the Dragonborn DLC

Vlindrel Hall

Markarth's player home

Regarding the plots of land that are associated with Hearthfire's houses:

Heljarchen Hall

A plot of land located in The Pale, which is sold by the current steward of Morthal.

Lakeview Manor

Located in Falkreath's Hold

Windstad Manor

Purchased from Dawnstar.

  • The manor is located in Hjaalmarch

Winterhold is the only Hold in Skyrim that does not have a dedicated player home. However, players have the option to sleep and store their belongings in the College of Winterhold once they become a member.

Breezehome (Whiterun)

Skyrim: Every Player House & How To Get




Complete "Bleak Falls Barrow"

House Cost

5,000 Gold

Upgrade Cost

1,800 Gold

Breezehome is likely to be the first home you will purchase during your playthrough. Situated in Whiterun, this home becomes available once you complete the "Bleak Falls Barrow" quest. However, completing this quest is often one of the initial objectives you receive, making it a relatively easy requirement to fulfill.

Once Farengar obtains the Dragonstone Tablet, the Jarl will grant you permission to purchase Breezehome from Proventus Avenicci for 5,000 Gold. Breezehome can be enhanced by acquiring an alchemy lab and various furnishings for your rooms. The cost of purchasing all the upgrades amounts to 1,800 Gold, resulting in a total investment of 6,800 Gold for Breezehome.

Hjerim (Windhelm)

Skyrim: Every Player House & How To




  • Complete "Blood on the Ice"
  • Finish the Civil War questline

House Cost

12,000 Gold*

Upgrade Cost

10,250 Gold

*A bug exists that lowers the cost to 8,000 Gold.

Hjerim is the player home in Windhelm that is initially inaccessible and requires the completion of two quests to unlock. Before the steward of Windhelm will sell Hjerim to you, both the Civil War questline must be concluded, and the "Blood on the Ice" quest must be completed.

Upon completing both of these prerequisites, you will be able to purchase Hjerim for 12,000 Gold, although there is a bug that reduces the price to 8,000 Gold. Upgrades for this house amount to a total of 10,250 Gold, which includes decorations for each room, alchemy and enchanting tables, as well as a small fee for cleaning up the mess associated with the "Blood on the Ice" quest.

Honeyside (Riften)

Skyrim: Every Player House & How




  • Complete "Skooma Trade"
  • Help 5 NPCs in Riften

House Cost

8,000 Gold

Upgrade Cost

5,000 Gold

In order to acquire the Honeyside house in Riften, you must first intervene in an underground Skooma operation within the city and assist five Riften residents. The "Skooma Trade" quest, categorized as a miscellaneous task, entails the discovery and subsequent dismantling of a Skooma drug operation. It is a relatively straightforward quest to accomplish.

Initiate this quest by engaging in conversation with Wujeeta, who can be found near the docks of Riften.

After successfully concluding the "Skooma Trade" quest, approach the Jarl and engage in conversation with him. He will request that you enhance your standing by assisting the common folk of Riften. Accomplish five miscellaneous tasks within Riften and then consult with the Jarl's steward. Subsequently, you should be eligible to acquire Honeyside for the price of 8,000 Gold. It is worth noting that Honeyside offers opportunities for further improvement. The acquisition of all upgrades amounts to a total cost of 4,300 Gold.

In order to obtain Honeyside at a reduced price, engage in conversation with Anuriel while having a minimum of 5,000 Gold in your possession, and proceed to purchase the house.

Proudspire Manor (Solitude)

Skyrim: Every Player House &




  • Complete "The Man Who Cried Wolf"
  • Complete "Elisif's Tribute"

House Cost

25,000 Gold

Upgrade Cost

11,000 Gold

Proudspire Manor in Solitude is accessible only after fulfilling two distinct quests. Prior to Falk Firebeard offering the house for sale, both "The Man Who Cried Wolf" and "Elisif's Tribute" quests must be successfully completed.

Proudspire Manor carries a price tag of 25,000 Gold, with no available means to lower its cost. Further enhancements to the manor amount to an additional 11,000 Gold. Although a significant investment, this residence offers valuable amenities such as an enchanting table, alchemy station, a dedicated children's room, as well as an assortment of mannequins and weapon racks for storing your prized possessions.

Severin Manor (Raven Rock)

Skyrim: Every Player House


Raven Rock (Solstheim)


  • Complete "March of the Dead"
  • Complete "The Final Descent"
  • Complete "Served Cold"

House Cost


Upgrade Cost


Severin Manor is the player home in Raven Rock, located in Solstheim. It is the sole player home in the game that is entirely free of charge. To obtain ownership of this house, it is necessary to complete the "Served Cold" quest. This quest is part of a longer quest chain that includes the completion of "March of the Dead" and "The Final Descent" quests before "Served Cold" becomes accessible.

The completion of that quest chain will bestow ownership of Severin Manor upon you. This particular house does not feature any upgrades for purchase, as it already comes equipped with basic storage facilities and crafting benches. Additionally, the home is furnished with a smeltery, alchemy station, and enchanting table for your convenience.

Vlindrel Hall (Markarth)

Skyrim: Every Player




Please Jarl Igmund

House Cost

8,000 Gold

Upgrade Cost

3,900 Gold

Vlinderel Hall in Markarth offers multiple straightforward methods for acquisition. You can fulfill three "requests" on behalf of Jarl Igmund, one of which involves assisting five NPCs in Markarth. Alternatively, you can choose to give Markarth to the Imperials during the "Season Unending" main quest, which results in a change of Jarl. Another option is to complete the "Liberation of Skyrim" quest.

For those seeking a swift acquisition of the house, assisting the Jarl will prove to be the quickest option.

Irrespective of the method chosen, Vlindrel Hall can be acquired from the Jarl's steward for a price of 8,000 Gold. Upgrading the house incurs additional costs, amounting to 3,900 Gold if you opt for a children's room or 4,200 Gold if you choose to replace the room with an alchemy lab.

Heljarchen Hall (The Pale)

Skyrim: Every


The Pale




  • Reach level 22
  • Complete "Waking Nightmares"
  • Complete "Kill the Giant"

Land Cost

5,000 Gold

Heljarchen Hall, a piece of land bestowed by the Jarl of Dawnstar, is inaccessible until you complete the "Waking Nightmares" and "Kill the Giant" quests. The former is a Daedric quest, while the latter is a relatively brief quest that becomes available once you reach level 22.

Upon finishing these objectives, engage in conversation with Skald the Elder. If the Imperial Legion has control over Dawnstar, Brina Merils will be the one to sell you the plot of land. Both characters offer the plot of land for a price of 5,000 Gold. It is important to note that this is solely a plot of land, and you will be responsible for constructing the house on your own.

Lakeview Manor (Falkreath)







Varies (see below)

Land Cost

5,000 Gold

The Jarl of Falkreath offers Lakeview Manor, a parcel of land situated not far from the Guardian Stones. Acquiring this location is contingent upon various conditions, dependent on your reputation with Falkreath and the current ruling Jarl. Here are a few avenues through which you can obtain this plot of land:

  • Become Thane of Falkreath.
  • If you are under level nine, complete the "Rare Gifts" and "Kill the Bandit Leader" quests for the Jarl.
  • If you are not a Thane, complete the "Kill the Bandit Leader" quest.
  • Instill Dengeir of Stuhn as Falkreath's Jarl. This can be done by giving Falkreath to the Stormcloaks in the "Season Unending" quest or by taking over Falkreath for the Stormcloaks during the Civil War questline.

Regardless of the option you select, fulfilling any of these requirements will make Lakeview Manor available for purchase at a cost of 5,000 Gold. Similar to all the houses in Hearthfire, you will need to construct the house yourself.

Windstad Manor (Hjaalmarch)






Complete "Laid to Rest"

Land Cost

5,000 Gold

Windstad Manor is situated in Hjaalmarch, the same Hold where Morthal is located. In order to acquire Windstad Manor, you must first complete the "Laid to Rest" quest for the Jarl.

The steward of Morthal will offer the plot of land for sale at a price of 5,000 Gold. Just like Lakeview Manor and Heljarchen Hall, the construction of the house needs to be initiated from the ground up.


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