Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Ranking of All Armor Sets

Armor plays a vital role in Henry's equipment in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It enables him to withstand enemy attacks and create a strong fir...

D. Hardawar

Oct 15, 2023

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Ranking of All Armor Sets

Armor plays a vital role in Henry's equipment in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It enables him to withstand enemy attacks and create a strong first impression on those in his vicinity. Having the correct armor set can be a game-changer in battles, as it significantly affects Henry's ability to defend himself and succeed in combat.

Certain powerful armor pieces are obtained from different armor sets within the game. While there is only one complete armor set, the others require various pieces to achieve full-body protection. With that in mind, here are the different sets categorized based on their usability.

As of October 14, 2023, this guide has been updated by Sean Murray. If you're seeking the finest armor in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you're in the right spot. We have revamped this guide with improved formatting and additional tips to help you select your preferred plate mail more easily.

12 Polish

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Every Armor Set, Ranked

The Polish armor set comprises a Body Plate, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate. However, compared to other sets, it has the lowest rankings in terms of Slash, Stab, and Blunt resistance within each of these categories. Additionally, it is the heaviest armor set in the game.

Despite its drawbacks, the Polish Armor set is still superior to many individual armor pieces that are not part of a set. However, it does require several pieces to offer complete protection for Henry's entire body. In general, the Polish Armor is considered suitable for the early to mid-game stages and can be relatively easy to replace with more advanced armor as the game progresses.

When it comes to non-combat-related attributes, the Polish Armor pieces have high scores in Noise, Conspicuousness, and Visibility. As a result, this armor set is relatively heavy and cumbersome, making it unsuitable for stealth or maintaining a low profile. However, it does provide a decent amount of Charisma, which can lend a sense of nobility to your character.

11 Saxon

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Every Armor Set,

The Saxon set includes pieces for the Body Garment, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate slots. Additionally, there are four options available for the Body Garment: Saxon Gambeson, Saxon Dyed Gambeson, Saxon Halved Gambeson, and Dark Saxon Gambeson. Among these options, the Dark Saxon Gambeson is considered the optimal choice.

The different Saxon armor pieces offer better overall performance compared to many individual non-set items in this RPG. However, when compared to other armor sets, their main advantage lies in being more affordable, albeit at the expense of providing lesser protection.

The Saxon Armor set consists of various pieces that result in scattered passive scores. On average, it can be considered a mediocre armor set that tends to attract attention rather than blend in, with an average Charisma score and decent Durability.

10 Meissen

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Every Armor

The Meissen armor set comprises only two pieces, specifically the Leg Plate and Arm Armor, which is the primary reason for its relatively low ranking. The Leg Plate provides slightly better than average protection, while the Arm Armor is actually the third-best in terms of protection among all the armor sets in the game.

Despite having excellent Arm Armor, the overall protection offered by the Meissen set is modest. To achieve complete protection for the entire body, Meissen requires several additional pieces, which renders it a mediocre armor set.

The Meissen Armor set consists of only two pieces, which are known for generating a significant amount of noise and attracting attention in crowded areas. When considering their Charisma scores, the combination of low and high values averages out to be moderate. However, both pieces excel in terms of above-average Durability, which can be seen as a positive aspect.

9 Kuttenberg

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Every

The Kuttenberg armor set consists of pieces for the Body Plate, Body Garment, and Glove slots. Within the Body Garments category, there are three options available: Kuttenberg Split Gambeson, Short Kuttenberg Gambeson, and Kuttenberg Gambeson. Out of these choices, the Kuttenberg Gambeson is considered the superior option.

The Gloves in the Kuttenberg set rank as the fourth-best in terms of protection among all the gloves available in the game. However, when comparing the Body Garment and Body Plate to other armor pieces, they are considered average and unremarkable. One advantage of the Kuttenberg set is that it can be combined with the Meissen set. Nevertheless, neither the Kuttenberg nor the Meissen set individually stands out as exceptional compared to the other armor sets in the game.

Despite being a nearly complete set of armor, the Kuttenberg ensemble offers a more subtle appearance than one might expect. It has lower Visibility and Conspicuousness compared to other full armor sets, although its Noise score still makes it a risky choice for stealthy activities. On the positive side, it provides a decent amount of Charisma, which can help you gain recognition as you ride through town.

8 Aachen

Kingdom Come: Deliverance –

The Aachen armor set offers a greater variety of pieces, including the Body Plate, Body Garment, Gloves, and Leg Plate. While there are multiple options available in each category except for Gloves, this set is often utilized to complement and complete other armor sets or individual pieces.

The Aachen Gauntlets are ranked as the second-best Gloves in the game, while the Brigandine Chausses are considered to be among the best Leg Plates. The remaining pieces of the Aachen set are average in terms of performance, making it a suitable choice to fill in the gaps of other armor sets that may be missing certain pieces.

The Aachen Armor set provides a wide range of pieces that come in various styles, which can impact their overall scores. Generally, these pieces tend to have average to below-average scores in terms of avoiding attention, but they compensate with average to above-average Charisma, earning a degree of respect. Moreover, they offer a satisfactory level of Durability, making them practical for use.

7 Nuremburgian

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Nurembergian armor set includes pieces for the Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate slots. The Nurembergian cuirass, specifically, ranks as the third-best in the game. Additionally, the other pieces of the set perform above average compared to both set and non-set armor pieces.

One potential drawback of Nurembergian armor is that it tends to produce noticeable noise. While this may not be a concern for some players, those who prefer a more agile and stealthy approach may find it problematic.

Apart from its noisiness and noticeable appearance, the Nurembergian set has a rather average Charisma score that doesn't fully utilize its visibility. However, it compensates by being one of the more durable armor sets, making it worth considering for practical use.

6 Magdeburg

Kingdom Come:

The Madgeburg armor set includes a Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plates. The Arm Armor and Leg Plates are regarded as the top-tier items in the game. Even the Body Plate and Gloves are formidable, although there are several other pieces that surpass them in terms of overall quality.

The Madgeburg armor set is highly favored among the fan base, and many players consider the Arm Armor and Leg Plates to be crucial components for mixed-set builds.

The armor pieces of the Magdeburg set truly embody the characteristics of a traditional suit of armor: they generate significant noise and are highly eye-catching. However, to offset this drawback, the set boasts a relatively high Charisma score, which can enhance your reputation and standing. Additionally, it offers solid Durability, ensuring that it will endure numerous adventures without easily wearing down.

5 Milanese


The Milanese armor set consists of Body Plate, Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate pieces. It is another popular choice among fans, primarily due to the availability of six options for the Body Plate, offering a variety of colors. While no single piece is the best in any specific aspect, each piece ranks relatively high in terms of protection within its respective slot.

Consequently, the Milanese armor set is frequently chosen for its stylish appearance while still providing substantial protection to the wearer. The Dark Milanese Brigandine holds a particular appeal for role players with a penchant for darker themes. Furthermore, it is ranked as the fifth-best Body Plate in the RPG, trailing behind the Bright Milanese Brigandine in terms of overall performance.

The Milanese armor set falls somewhere between average and highly noticeable in terms of its notability. Its main drawback is its high Noise score, which makes it more noticeable. However, it compensates for this by offering above-average Durability and a decent Charisma score, allowing you to showcase some style and garner admiration.

4 Augsburg

The Augsburg armor set includes Gloves, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate pieces. In each of these categories, it ranks as the third or fourth-best option in the game. Although it may not be a comprehensive set, it complements other armor sets effectively and provides reliable protection for each specific slot.

Another advantage of the Augsburg set is that it offers significant Charisma boosts. In fact, the Arm Armor and Leg Plate pieces are considered the best in their respective categories in terms of enhancing Charisma.

If there's one thing that the Augsburg set is not, it's inconspicuous. People in the neighboring town will hear you approaching even before you make a move. However, fortunately, in addition to having high Charisma scores, those pieces also possess excellent Durability.

3 Warhorse

The Warhorse armor set is distinctive because it is the only set in the game that includes a piece for every armor slot. Furthermore, it is one of only three sets that offer a Helmet, which also ranks as the second-best in the game. Additionally, the Warhorse set is the sole armor set to provide an option for Leg Chain-mail.

Admittedly, the Warhorse armor set does not excel in categories beyond the Helmet or Leg Chain-mail; in fact, it is just slightly above average. However, the main advantage of this set is that it is the only complete set in the game that does not require additional non-set pieces to provide full-body protection.

As a complete suit of armor, the Warhorse set offers a wide range of stat scores that are beneficial both on and off the horse. Overall, it is a loud and noticeable set that aligns well with its high Charisma score. However, a drawback is that many of its pieces have average to below-average Durability, making them less reliable in terms of longevity and robustness.

2 Lords of Leipa

The Lords of Leipa armor set is the second most comprehensive set after Warhorse. In fact, the only piece that is missing from the set is the Leg Chain-mail. What makes this set even more distinctive is that all the pieces can only be obtained by winning the Rattay Tourney five times.

For numerous players, this set stands as the epitome of greatness within the game, boasting exceptional protective pieces in each category. The Body Plate secures a remarkable second-place position among all armors, while the Helmet also garners high acclaim. Moreover, its darker coloring contributes to its reputation as one of the more aesthetically pleasing sets available.

Despite its nearly complete nature, the Lords of Leipa Armor set presents itself with a refined elegance, avoiding the excessive bulkiness and audacity observed in other sets. While it may fall short in terms of durability, it compensates by providing a commendable level of charisma and charm.

1 Zoul

Undoubtedly, the Zoul armor is widely regarded as the pinnacle set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, encompassing exceptional pieces for the Helmet, Body Plate, Arm Armor, and Leg Plate slots. It boasts the finest Helmet and Body Plate available in the game, while also achieving second place in both Arm Armor and Leg Plate categories.

Admittedly, the Zoul armor set does require complementing pieces from other sets, namely either the Lords of Leipa or Warhorse, to achieve its full potential. However, when considering its top-ranking status in two slots and its second-best performance in the other two, the Zoul armor stands as the ultimate and most superior overall set in the game.

The Zoul armor set is widely regarded as the best in the game, and the stat scores play a significant role in solidifying this reputation. While it may not be the optimal choice for stealth-oriented endeavors, it excels in other areas. With its high durability and exceptional protection, it proves to be a reliable companion during prolonged combat encounters. Moreover, when venturing into town, its remarkable overall charisma score ensures that you will be admired and respected by all.


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