Indiana Jones and The Great Circle: The Adventure We've Been Craving

First announced in 2021, Bethesda and Xbox's Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is shaping up to be the ultimate dream come true for Indiana Jones fan...

Emmy Holthe

Jan 19, 2024

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle: The Adventure We've Been Craving

First announced in 2021, Bethesda and Xbox's Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is shaping up to be the ultimate dream come true for Indiana Jones fans like myself. Finally, we're getting the big-budget, AAA Indiana Jones simulator that we've been yearning for. So, let's dive into all the juicy details and facts about The Great Circle to get you ready for Indy's next globe-trotting adventure. And the best part? No need to kill anyone or solve ancient puzzles to access this information. It's all here in one convenient place. Off we go!

According to Bethesda, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is a brand new adventure in the franchise that's not based on any previous film, comic, book, or video game. So, this means we're in for a fresh and exciting storyline that hasn't been explored before. The game kicks off when Indy finds himself caught up in a mysterious incident after an artifact is stolen from the Marshall College museum. Naturally, our intrepid archaeologist heads to the Vatican to investigate, only to stumble upon another enigma: The Great Circle. Picture this—a line connecting some of the oldest and most sacred temples and locations on the globe, forming a perfect circle. What does it mean? Your guess is as good as mine, but it's definitely connected to that stolen artifact. Oh, and you guessed it—Nazis are back to their old tricks, because what's an Indy adventure without those baddies? (They seem to have a knack for showing up in both Indy adventures and real life. Go figure!)

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey across multiple locations around the world, including the pyramids of Egypt, Vatican City, the temples of Sukhothai, and more. Along the way, Indy will join forces with an investigative journalist who's on her own quest for the truth about the artifact and the circle. Two heads are always better than one, especially when you're dealing with ancient mysteries and nefarious Nazis.

While you'll see Xbox and Bethesda mentioned a lot when people talk about this game, the ones actually developing The Great Circle are MachineGames, a subsidiary of Bethesda. You might recognize them as the creative minds behind the fantastic modern Wolfenstein games, such as The New Order, Old Blood, and New Colossus. Those games were first-person shooters set in an alternate universe where the Nazis won (thankfully, we got to kill a lot of them). So, it seems like MachineGames is the perfect studio to bring Indy's world to life.

And hold on to your fedoras because there's more exciting news—Todd Howard, the genius behind Starfield and the Elder Scrolls series, is an executive producer on the game. With his track record, we can expect something truly epic.

Now, the big question on everyone's mind—when can we play this adventure-packed treat? Well, at the moment, Xbox and Bethesda are promising a 2024 release date. But let's be real, that's a bit vague. Judging by the company's game calendar, it's likely we won't be joining Indy on his escapades until summer 2024 or even later. Patience, my fellow adventurers.

As for platforms, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. Since Bethesda is owned by Xbox, it's not surprising that the game won't be gracing PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. However, fear not, for it will also be available on Steam. Options, options!

Now, for all you Game Pass enthusiasts out there, here's a treat—like all first-party Xbox games (including Bethesda titles), The Great Circle will be released on day one on Xbox and PC Game Pass. But don't worry if you're not into subscriptions or prefer using Steam, Bethesda will also sell the game separately. Flexibility is the name of the game.

Regarding pricing, nothing has been announced yet, but it's safe to assume that the standard edition will be at least $60, with a good chance it could reach a cool $70. Hey, quality Indy adventures don't come cheap, right?

Now, let's address the burning question—will Harrison Ford be lending his face and voice to the game? Well, his face is in it, but no, Ford won't be voicing Indy this time around. Instead, renowned voice actor Troy Baker will be suiting up and providing the voice for our beloved archaeologist in The Great Circle. We're in good hands!

Ah, the whip—the iconic accessory that every Indy fan adores. Rest assured, Bethesda and MachineGames are just as excited about it as we are. In a recent developer direct from Xbox, they showcased Indy using the whip to attack enemies, swing around areas, and even distract baddies. The whip is getting its well-deserved spotlight, and we can't wait to crack it ourselves.

Now, let'sshift gears and talk gameplay. Is The Great Circle primarily a first-person adventure game, a shooter, or a mix of both? MachineGames states that it's primarily a first-person adventure game with elements of shooting and melee combat, thanks to Indy's trusty whip. However, there will be moments when the camera pulls back to show Indy climbing and swinging. And get ready for some thrilling cutscenes that will switch to a third-person perspective. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Set in 1937, The Great Circle takes place between the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the third film, The Last Crusade. So, for all you timeline enthusiasts, here's the official Indy timeline as of now: The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Great Circle, The Last Crusade, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Dial of Destiny. Of course, there are other books and games in the Indy universe, but let's be honest, who gets tangled up in the lore when all we really want is to see Indy punching Nazis and doing cool stuff with his whip?

Now, for the burning question that's been keeping you up at night—Is Indy still sexy in The Great Circle? Does he exude that peak '80s era Ford sexiness? Fear not, dear readers, for Indy remains as charismatic and alluring as ever. The rugged charm of our favorite archaeologist is intact, ready to captivate us once again.

So there you have it, the scoop on Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, the game that promises to fulfill our wildest Indy fantasies. With a fresh storyline, breathtaking locations, a talented team behind it, and the legendary whip in play, this is the adventure we've been craving. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, filled with ancient mysteries, treacherous Nazis, and the undeniable allure of Indiana Jones himself. Summer 2024 can't come soon enough!


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