Here is a walkthrough for "Now Or Never," a side quest in The Witcher 3:

In The Witcher 3, one of the darkest and most captivating subplots revolves around the witch hunt taking place in Novigrad. This storyline is primaril...

Emmy Holthe

Oct 15, 2023

Here is a walkthrough for "Now Or Never," a side quest in The Witcher 3:

In The Witcher 3, one of the darkest and most captivating subplots revolves around the witch hunt taking place in Novigrad. This storyline is primarily developed throughout Triss' questline. Therefore, it is fitting that the culmination of this narrative occurs in the quest titled 'Now or Never,' which serves as the final adventure in Triss' questline. In this quest, you aid Triss in escorting her fellow mages out of the city, ensuring their safety and protection.

Although 'Now or Never' may be categorized as a side quest, it holds considerable influence over Geralt's relationship with Triss and the overall state of the Witcher universe. This lengthy mission presents you with substantial decisions to make, and the consequences of these choices, as well as instructions on how to navigate the rest of the quest, are thoroughly explained in this guide.

Updated on October 14, 2023, by Sean Murray: Are you unsure whether to assist Anisse and Berthold or not? Or perhaps you're simply aiming to gain favor with Triss. In any case, we have you covered with this updated guide, featuring improved formatting, additional breakout tips, and links to other useful topics related to The Witcher 3.

Meet With Triss

The Witcher 3: Now Or Never Side Quest Walkthrough

In order to initiate the quest, you must rendezvous with Triss at her residence in Novigrad, situated amidst the vicinity of Hierarch Square and Oxenfurt Gate. Positioned before her abode, you shall encounter a contingent of guards. At a certain juncture, a confrontation with these guards shall ensue. However, the decision to engage them in combat unaided or await the presence of one of the most formidable sorceresses by your side rests solely upon your discretion.

Should you desire an immediate confrontation, you have the option to engage with the guards and assert, "Pray, mind your decorum."

Irrespective of your chosen course of action, your subsequent task entails entering Triss' abode. Ascending the staircase, you shall inadvertently eavesdrop on a conversation unfolding between Triss and the homeowners. They beseech her to surrender her necklace in exchange for their silence. At this juncture, you are presented with two alternative approaches to address the situation:

  • Say "Hands off, Or I'll Cut 'em Off" - Triss will keep her necklace, but she won't be too happy with Geralt's interference.
  • Choose To Not React - The owners will force Triss to hand them her necklace. Yet, the Sorceress won't be too heartbroken.

Neither of the available choices holds any significant influence over the overarching narrative.

Talk To Triss

The Witcher 3: Now Or Never Side Quest

Subsequently, you engage in a brief conversation where the majority of your responses hold little consequence. However, it is advisable to refrain from informing Triss that you are unable to assist her. Although this response does not render the quest impossible, it does propel you forward, skipping certain portions. Moreover, it needlessly wounds the sentiments of the Sorceress. Is such behavior not deemed impolite?

After a while, the conversation reaches a pivotal moment where you must contemplate whether or not to aid a young couple identified as Anisse and Berthold. The ramifications of your choices are as follows:

  • Help the couple - You save Anisse and Berthold, but Olivier from the Kingfisher will die. As a result, you won't be able to buy Olivier's Gwent cards unless you have already done so.
  • Don't go to them - It's assumed that the two are killed by Witch Hunters. Yet, Olivier from the Kingfisher survives.

Regardless of your decision, you must depart from the premises of the house. If you spared the guards during the earlier encounter, be prepared for their presence as they lie in wait, ready to ambush you.

Follow Triss

Whether you opt to proceed directly to the Kingfisher hideout or embark on a search for Berthold and Anisse beforehand, it is imperative to trail your esteemed Sorceress companion. Throughout the journey, endeavor to maintain proximity to Triss, and should you wish to evade any confrontations, exercise caution by allowing each passing guard patrol to proceed without engagement.

Try To Help Berthold And Anisse (Optional)

The Witcher 3: Now Or Never Side

In the event that you elected to assist the young couple earlier, Triss will guide you to their residence. Upon arrival, a distressing scene unfolds before you, as the couple finds themselves subjected to harassment by a group of Witch Hunters.

To achieve the most favorable outcome, it is imperative to swiftly engage the adversaries and prevent them from inflicting harm upon the couple. Exercise vigilance, as a lack of caution may result in the unfortunate demise of either one or both of Anisse and Berthold.

Subsequently, you are required to utilize the Axii sign on the individual(s) who remain alive, if applicable. Prior to departing, an optional conversation with the landlords is available for your engagement, should you desire it. However, rest assured that the outcome of this conversation holds no significant consequence.

Head To The Mage Hideout

The Witcher 3: Now Or Never

Irrespective of the choices made earlier, there comes a moment when Triss will guide you to the Kingfisher hideout—unless circumstances have caused a separation between the two of you. If you opted to assist Berthold and Anisse along the way, you will need to eliminate a group of Witch Hunters at the inn before proceeding underground to reach the hideout. Alternatively, if no detour was taken, you may proceed directly downstairs.

Awaiting you in the basement are numerous mages and mystical beings, gathered together. Additionally, within that same space, you will encounter Sigismund Dijkstra, one of the most remarkable characters from the main questline. Subsequently, Triss will deliver an inspiring speech to uplift the spirits of everyone present.

Clear A Path Through The Sewers

The Witcher 3: Now Or

Presently, you and Triss shall proceed into the sewers through the door adjacent to her current position. This particular segment can be somewhat perplexing, therefore allow me to provide you with a detailed, step-by-step guide for clarity.

  • Follow the pathway, and take out all the monsters in the process — none of them are particularly tough.
  • You eventually come to a dead-end, and Triss will be upset. However, you can enter the cross-shaped room to the right and find that the west wall is crumbling — you can tell which wall it is because the mini-map shows an entire room on the other side of it.
  • Use Aard on the bricks to knock them down and create a pathway.
  • You are now inside a library, but you can't stay, so use Aard on the wall in the left corner of the room.
  • There are some more basic enemies on the other side that you must take out.
  • Go through the next two gates to enter the rat room.
  • Head downstairs to deal with the little critters.
  • Keep following the path forward and climb the wooden stairs to the left.
  • Next, turn right, and keep following the pathway.
  • In the rooms, you may notice some bodies to examine and scratches on the walls. These clues tell you that a Katakan is ahead.

Katakan Fight

The Witcher 3: Now

Prior to engaging in battle with the Katakan, it is essential to make necessary preparations. Firstly, take note that the creature exhibits diminished strength during daylight hours. Therefore, if the current time is nighttime, I recommend meditating until morning. Next, apply Vampire Oil to your sword to enhance its efficacy against the vampire. Additionally, consider crafting any desired bombs for the encounter. Moon Dust, Devil's Puffball, and Dancing Star are particularly advantageous in this skirmish and may prove instrumental in your success.

Feel free to employ any tactic that appeals to you in order to vanquish the formidable beast. However, for those encountering difficulties during the battle, it is advisable to utilize the Quen sign to withstand more attacks and consider employing a Dancing Star bomb, if available, to impede the creature's regeneration. Above all, it is crucial to maintain a relentless assault on the creature to prevent it from replenishing its health reserves excessively.

The number of attempts required may vary depending on your equipment and level, but it is certainly feasible to overcome this challenge. Once you have successfully vanquished the monster, you are free to exit through the gate and proceed towards the sewer exit.

Goodbye With Triss

The Witcher 3:

The Katakan is not the final adversary you must defeat, for upon reaching the docks, you will be confronted by a group of Witch Hunters who launch an attack. Once you have successfully dispatched them, you must bid farewell to your esteemed Sorceress companion.

  • If you're trying to pursue a romance with Triss, select "Stay with me" followed by "I love you." These dialog options will make the romance possible, assuming you've already been pursuing her and not Yennefer up to that point.
  • For those not wanting a relationship with Triss, say anything to her that doesn't involve the words, "I love you."

The concluding cutscenes of the quest vary depending on whether or not you are engaged in a romantic relationship with the Sorceress. However, it is important to note that neither path necessitates pivotal decisions that directly impact the progression of this quest. Once the cinematic sequences reach their conclusion, the quest "Now Or Never" concludes as well.


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