Dondoko Island: From Trash to Cash in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Ah, the Yakuza series! Known for its captivating storyline, intense action, and, of course, those delightful minigames. Get ready, because the latest ...

Deven McClure

Jan 30, 2024

Dondoko Island: From Trash to Cash in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Ah, the Yakuza series! Known for its captivating storyline, intense action, and, of course, those delightful minigames. Get ready, because the latest entry, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, takes it to a whole new level. Brace yourself for the charming and addictive island life sim, Dondoko Island, where you can transform a tropical paradise into a money-making machine. Grab your sun hat and let's dive into this fun-filled adventure!

Now, before you get too excited, let me warn you that Dondoko Island doesn't unlock until Chapter 6. So, if you're busy exploring the vibrant streets of Honolulu and Yokohama, you'll have to wait a bit. But trust me, it's worth it. This minigame is a delightful escape from the main story, and it also happens to be a lucrative side hustle in the mid-game.

Alright, let's get down to business and spill the coconuts on making the most of Dondoko Island. First things first, you'll find yourself stranded there for a few days during Chapter 6. Don't worry, you'll eventually make it back to Oahu after you tidy up the place and learn the basics of DIY crafting. Cleaning up trash and crafting might not sound glamorous, but hey, everyone starts somewhere.

After that, the choice is yours. You can fully embrace the island life or treat it like a quick vacation. If you decide to dive in, you'll have the opportunity to welcome paying guests and construct a variety of jaw-dropping buildings and attractions. Here's the cherry on top: for each three-day tour you book, you'll earn some good old-fashioned U.S. Dollars. Cha-ching!

Now, let's talk moolah. Money makes the world go round, and that's no different on Dondoko Island. In the early chapters of Infinite Wealth, funds can be tight, so taking some time to rake in the cash will set you up nicely for the challenges ahead. Luckily, the island is a treasure trove just waiting to be plundered. Collect everything you can get your hands on—rocks, seashells, bugs, carrots, you name it! And if you run out of space, just dump it in the conveniently placed storage boxes scattered around the island. Remember, the more you collect, the higher the sale price. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

Now, here's a tip for you: sell everything you gather, except for vegetables and precious metals like gold. Yes, that means even the fish. Well, except for the one-star Dondoko Scuttler, which is a hot commodity for crafting souvenirs. Souvenirs, you say? Oh, we'll get to that in a moment. But for now, focus on selling all those tunas, truffles, and corals. And trust me, gold and silver flora and fauna are worth their weight in gold. Literally.

Now, let's upgrade your gear. I know, I know, you were just getting cozy in your island paradise, and here I am talking about upgrades. But believe me, it's worth it. You'll want to invest in a better fishing spear and bug net, but the real gem is upgrading Ichiban's bat. Yes, you heard me right. Ichiban, the fearless hero, will become a master of destruction, smashing rocks, trees, and garbage faster than a bull in a china shop. And the best part? You'll get more resources out of each swing. Swing away, my friend!

But wait, there's more! Each tool can be upgraded not once, but twice. The first upgrade will set you back a cool 50,000 Dondoko bucks. But hold onto your sun hat because the final upgrade will cost you a staggering 150,000. It's a hefty price, but trust me, it's worth every penny. With the second-tier bat in hand, you'll conquer a three-star resort like a champion. And when your island reaches the four- and five-star range, you'll be ready to face even more troublemakers. Remember, the best defense is a good offense!

Now, let's talk about style. Once you hit the three- and four-star level, you might feel the pressure to design your island around one of the four main themes: rustic, sleazy, pop, and elegant. But here's a little secret—having something for everyone is the key to success. Prioritize high-end accommodations and large structures that maximize your satisfaction stat. Trust me, your guests will appreciate it, and your wallet will thank you.

Speaking of buildings, don't be afraid to go big or go home. You can always move them later, and they fit perfectly into Ichiban's inventory like any other item. And if you ever get tired of a particular building, oryou want to rearrange your island, no worries! You can simply pick up the building and move it to your heart's content. The only catch is that you'll lose any guests currently staying in the building, so plan your moves wisely.

Now, let's get to the juicy part—crafting souvenirs. Remember those precious Dondoko Scuttlers I mentioned earlier? Well, they're the key to crafting valuable souvenirs that will make your island the envy of all tourists. Once you've caught enough Dondoko Scuttlers, head to the crafting station and let your creativity flow. From seashell necklaces to gold-plated statues, the possibilities are endless. And the best part? Souvenirs sell like hotcakes, earning you a pretty penny with each sale.

But let's not forget the true stars of Dondoko Island—the guests! To attract more tourists, you'll need to improve your island's rating. The rating is based on various factors, including the number of attractions, the cleanliness of the island, and the satisfaction of your guests. Keep an eye on the feedback from your visitors and address their concerns promptly. Happy guests mean more stars, which means more guests, and ultimately, more cash flowing into your pockets.

To keep your guests entertained and satisfied, make sure to build a variety of attractions. From beach volleyball courts to luxurious spas, there's something for everyone. And don't forget to hire staff members to run these attractions efficiently. A well-staffed and well-maintained island will keep your guests happy and boost your profits.

Phew, that was quite a journey through the sunny shores of Dondoko Island. From cleaning up trash to crafting souvenirs, you've learned how to turn this tropical paradise into a cash-generating powerhouse. Remember, take your time, enjoy the island life, and watch the money roll in. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth offers a delightful and addictive side adventure that will keep you hooked for hours on end. So, grab your controller, dive into Dondoko Island, and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on the Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth game as of its release date. Game mechanics and features are subject to change with updates and patches.


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