Destiny 2: Imbaru Engine Guide

Destiny 2's Season of the Witch offers a multitude of hidden surprises waiting to be discovered by players. Throughout this season, there are secret c...

M. Moon

Oct 06, 2023

Destiny 2: Imbaru Engine Guide

Destiny 2's Season of the Witch offers a multitude of hidden surprises waiting to be discovered by players. Throughout this season, there are secret chests to find in Savathun's Spire, unique buffs to uncover in Altars of Summoning, and a dedicated puzzle activity known as the Imbaru Engine. The Imbaru Engine provides a straightforward method to earn Witch's Engrams and Keys, although successfully completing each test can be challenging.

This guide will demonstrate how to successfully solve each puzzle within the Imbaru Engine activity, covering both the Test of Cunning and the Test of Strength.

Updated on October 6, 2023, by Charles Burgar: We have revised this guide to incorporate the Test of Strength, the second challenge associated with Savathun's Imbaru Engine. This section provides an explanation of how the test functions, instructions on unlocking the Test of Strength card, and the precise order of enemies if you wish to complete it efficiently. Additionally, we have included a tip for the Test of Cunning to assist those who are having difficulty locating every chest.

Unlocking The Imbaru Engine

Destiny 2: Imbaru Engine Guide

The Imbaru Engine activity becomes accessible once you finish the fifth week of "The Bladed Path" quest. This quest is specific to the Season of the Witch and is instantly available upon logging in if you own the season. The activity itself is situated adjacent to the Altars of Summoning in the H.E.L.M.

No modifiers or enemies are present in the Imbaru Engine, so you can begin the activity with any loadout you prefer. There is no matchmaking available, but the activity can be completed solo without much difficulty.

Test Of Strength Card Location

Destiny 2: Imbaru Engine

Before you can undertake the Test of Strength challenge, you need to locate the corresponding Minor Arcana card for the test. The Test of Strength card can be found in Savathun's Spire, just before entering the final boss arena. Proceed past the card pedestal and turn to your right to spot the card floating in a corner of the room. Retrieve it, and then visit the H.E.L.M. to unlock access to the Test of Strength wing within the Imbaru Engine.

Solving The Cunning Test

Destiny 2: Imbaru

The Cunning Test is divided into three sections. Each trial shares the same primary objective: opening the chest(s) with the correct symbol. To begin the Cunning Test, two chests will appear directly in front of you. Each chest will have a plate in front of it, displaying a distinct Hive symbol. Your goal is to open the chest with the 'spider' symbol, which features a diagonal slash in each corner. Opening the incorrect chest will result in your character dying after a brief delay.

Destiny 2:

Once you have successfully unlocked the first correct chest, a second set of chests will appear on a raised platform behind you. This time, you will need to open two chests with the same symbol as before. Similar to the previous section, examine the nearby symbols to identify which chests are safe to open. Open both chests to initiate the final test.


The concluding phase of this test will introduce approximately twelve chests in the arena, but only three of them can be safely opened. You have the option to approach this part with brute force, opening each chest and repeatedly dying until you find the correct three. Alternatively, you can take your time and concentrate on identifying adjacent chest symbols. Each chest has a corresponding symbol located within a proximity of approximately 5 meters. If you cannot immediately spot it, search for nearby walls or hidden rooms. The provided examples above illustrate potential locations where these chests can appear. Open the three correct chests to complete the test.

Tracker Ghost Mods

Equipping a tracker mod on your Ghost Shell will reveal the location of every chest on your HUD. You'll still need to deduce which chests are safe to open, but this should make finding each chest much easier.

Solving The Test Of Strength

After successfully completing the Test of Cunning, proceed to the door next to the initial pair of spawned chests. If you possess the Test of Strength card, you will be able to open this door and advance to the next challenge. Navigate through the hallway filled with traps and make sure to avoid the portal on the upper floor.

The Test of Strength is fortunately much simpler compared to the Test of Cunning. Your goal is to eliminate the kneeling Hive units in a specific sequence. If you kill the wrong enemy, the test will reset. Initiate the encounter by interacting with the Deepsight orb located directly across from the entrance. Follow the white footsteps to locate the first Hive unit you must eliminate.

Underneath each Hive unit, there will be a plate indicating a specific direction. The pointer on each plate will direct you to the next target, at least in the first room. In the second and third rooms, there is an additional rule that requires you to skip a mob between each plate. To successfully complete the test, you must eliminate the Hive enemies in the following order:

  • Hive Knight (Starter Room): Activate Deepsight and follow the white footsteps.
  • Hive Knight (Starter Room): Run directly across from the previous Knight's plate. The second Knight is found between multiple walls.
  • Hive Knight (Starter Room): Run towards the inclined surface that leads to the tower structure. Kill the Knight at the top of the incline.
  • Cursed Thrall (Tower): Jump into the tower structure and drop down to the ground floor. Kill the Cursed Thrall closest to you.
  • Cursed Thrall (Tower): Skip the Hive Knight and kill the Cursed Thrall their plate is pointing towards.
  • Cursed Thrall (Tower): Skip the next Cursed Thrall. Kill the Cursed Thrall positioned next to the tower wall.
  • Cursed Thrall (Cave): Jump out of the tower and run into the cave just under the Deepsight orb. Kill the closest Cursed Thrall.
  • Cursed Thrall (Cave): Skip a plate. Kill the Cursed Thrall the skipped plate is pointing towards.
  • Cursed Thrall (Cave): Same as #8.
  • Cursed Thrall (Cave): Same as #8.


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