Baldur's Gate 3: How to defeat Orin the Red

Among the three main villains of Baldur's Gate 3, Orrin the Red holds the privilege of being the most menacing and thrilling boss. Transforming into t...

J. Fingas

Aug 27, 2023

Baldur's Gate 3: How to defeat Orin the Red

Among the three main villains of Baldur's Gate 3, Orrin the Red holds the privilege of being the most menacing and thrilling boss. Transforming into the terrifying Balspawn amidst a chorus of his sinister cultist followers, you will have to face death itself and confront murder in order to save the city.

But you're not here just to save the city. You're here for the abducted ally - dead or (hopefully) alive. You're here to avenge the needlessly slain. You're here to put Orrin in his place. In this perilous and epic showdown, we will provide you with the tools needed to make it a reality.

What Is Orin The Red's Fight Gimmick?

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How To Defeat Orin The Red

Before engaging in the battle with Orrin the Red, slow down the pace and pay attention to the various components of this encounter. Without understanding each of them, you will needlessly expend key resources and the time required for success.

The first and most important aspect of her gimmick is that she has the "Unstoppable" trait. If you have fought Giselle before, this should sound familiar.

Unstoppable (x): Reduces the next attack taken by the creature to 1 and consumes one charge of Unstoppable. Unstoppable creatures cannot be moved by external forces - mundane or magical.

She has seven charges of Unstoppable, which means she can withstand seven attacks, taking only one point of damage each time.

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How To Defeat Orin The

While at first glance, this may seem like a common but manageable nuisance, the true uniqueness of this encounter lies in the fact that her ability "Unstoppable" is restored at the end of each round of combat.

This is true only if you are fighting Orrin the Red in his normal form and not in the form of the Dark Urge. This guide only covers the battle with Orrin the Red without the Dark Urge and without accepting the gift of Bhaal.

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How To Defeat Orin

At the beginning of the battle, Orrin the Red is accompanied by just two active enemies. All other cultists will be chanting a ritual that replenishes Orrin's Unstoppable charges.

The cultists chanting prayers are protected by Sanctum and can only be damaged by area-of-effect spells that hit them. This means spells like Ice Storm or Fireball can be effective against them.

After defeating Orrin the Red, if any cultists remain on the battlefield, they will become hostile, turn invisible, and begin to approach for attack. If they manage to attack, their Sanctum will cease.

The cultists can also use spells that affect your movement and actions through various conditions (such as Slow). For this reason, it is recommended to have a character who is capable of resisting spells (for example, Counterspell) in your party.

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How To Defeat

If you fail to defeat Orrin the Red on the first turn or attempt to focus on other cultists before her, she will mark them with the phrase "Let the slaughter begin."

Killing any marked creature (or allowing your own marked party members to die) will increase Orrin's defense.

Therefore, focusing on these cultists before her would be a serious mistake that could lead to a catastrophic encounter.

How To Defeat Orin The Red

Orin the Red, Deathbringer of Bhaal








Large/400kg (Monstrosity)








22 (+6)

14 (+2)

17 (+3)

14 (+2)

16 (+3)

19 (+4)

Feats And Conditions

Slayer Form

Orin can take the form of the Bhaalspawn.


Reduce the next attack taken by the creature to 1 and consume one charge of Unstoppable. Unstoppable creatures cannot be moved by external forces - mundane or magical.


Orin can see 12 in the dark.


Orrin takes half damage from area-of-effect attacks that require a Dexterity saving throw, and he takes no damage on a successful Dexterity saving throw.

Uncanny Dodge

Orrin can use her reaction to reduce the damage of an attack she can see by half.

Fast Hands

Orin has an additional bonus action.

Immutable Form

Spells that alter her form have no effect, and Orrin gains a +5 bonus to saving throws that attempt to remove her from this plane.

Magic Resistance

Advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects.

Perfect Sentry

Orin cannot be surprised.

Reliable Talent

When Orrin makes an ability check in something she is skilled in, she cannot roll lower than 10.


Piercing Growl

It inflicts damage with a piercing weapon of 3d8 + 4 and imposes the conditions of Bleeding and Fear on opponents upon a failed Constitution saving throw. Targets still take half the damage on a successful saving throw.

Relentless Lunge

+10 to hit; 16 ft. It deals damage with a blunt weapon of 2d6 + 6. This is a leaping attack that knocks down any creatures within the user's landing area on a failed Strength saving throw.

Let The Slaughter Begin

All nearby creatures are marked upon a failed Constitution saving throw. If they die, Orin becomes more resilient (gaining a +1 bonus to AC).


+10 to hit; 3 ft. It deals damage with a slashing weapon of 4d4 over the course of four attacks.

Crimson Mischief (Human-Form Only)

Deals 1d6 + 1d4 Necrotic damage. +2 enchantment.

  • Prey Upon the Weak: Deal an additional 1d4 Piercing damage on target if they have less than 50% HP.
  • Redvein Savagery: When you have advantage against an opponent, the target takes an additional 7 piercing damage.
  • Crimson Weapon: When wielding in your off-hand, add your Ability Modifier to the attack.

Furthermore, allowing Orin to survive for more than one or two rounds poses a tremendous risk due to her strength and abilities.

The optimal approach to deal with Orin is to focus on her with the aim of eliminating her on the first turn. This can be achieved by selecting characters and spells that allow for multiple strikes.

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How To

We have found that the most effective method to combat Orin is by having:

  • A wizard or similar spellcaster with high-level Magic Missile
  • A monk with Flurry of Blows
  • A Fighter with extra-attack and Action Surge

The spell "Magic Missile" is the most effective way to counter Orin's ability "Unstoppable". Casting "Magic Missile" at the fifth level will remove all charges of Orin's Unstoppable ability with minimal damage sacrifice.

If you have a rogue or someone acting before your spellcaster, you can use "Magic Missile" at a lower level.

Baldur\'s Gate 3: How

After removing all charges of Unstoppable, utilize all your powerful abilities, actions, and spells to eliminate Orin as quickly as possible. Fortunately, following the depletion of her Unstoppable charges, her low defense and average health pool make her a vulnerable target.

Our winning strategy, confirmed through multiple tests, involved following this method:

Turn 1: Rogue (or any other choice)

Rogue attacks with bow on turn one. (Unnecessary)

Turn 4: Wizard

After repositioning Orin and the follower, the wizard unleashes a "Magic Missile" of fourth or fifth level, eliminating all charges of Unstoppable.

If one of the cultists attempts to stun your fighter or another crucial backup fighter, intensify the power of "Magic Missile" and direct the remaining charges towards the cultist to disrupt their concentration.

Turn 5: Fighter

The fighter attacks three times, utilizes an additional action, and attacks three more times, ultimately slaying Orin.

Turn 6: Cleric (or any choice of Support)

Commences preparation to deal with other enemies. Can finish off Orin in case the fighter's damage rolls are unsuccessful.

While it is not obligatory to adhere to this strategy precisely, employing "Magic Missile" in conjunction with a formidable melee combatant proves to be an efficacious approach with room for discretion for two additional group members. Collaborating with a monk in this scenario can provide an even greater advantage.

How To Defeat Orin's Supporters: Cultists Of Bhaal

Baldur\'s Gate 3:

With Orin dealt with, the next obstacle to overcome is her cultist companions. They do not pose a significant threat to your health, but they can be quite vexing in battle.

After eliminating Orin, the ritual will cease, and all cultists will begin to converge on you. However, they will do so after employing Shadow Veil, rendering themselves invisible in order to sneak up on you.

Baldur\'s Gate

"Ice Storm" and "Spirit Guardians" are two highly effective ways to both detect and inflict damage on these enemies while they are still under the effects of "Sanctuary" (which will persist until they directly attack you).

For the battle, it is recommended to position the two strongest characters at the bottom of the stairs, while your spellcaster and any other ranged assistance can be positioned at the top of the first set of steps, providing support from above.

If you have a cleric with Spirit Guardians, place them at the base of the stairs to detect any cultists attempting to sneak past unnoticed.


Revealing them with area-of-effect attacks and then following up with melee attacks after the Sanctuary expires is the essence of this game. In many cases, it can be a long and tiresome process.

As long as you remain patient and allow the cultists to approach you, you will be able to safely exit the Temple of Bhaal. However, do not forget to search for Orin's loot. She has a few valuable treasures that you can take with you.

However, locating the exact spot of her death can be a bit challenging in the current lighting. If you are unable to find it to highlight her pile of ashes with the loot, hold the LAlt key on PC or click the left joystick on the gamepad.

To free your friend from the altar (if they are still alive), retrieve the key from her pile of ashes and interact with the altar. This will release them, allowing you to return to the camp together with your team member and all the treasures and goodies provided by Orin.


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