Apex Legends: Riding the Battle Royale Wave - How Many Legends Reign in 2024?

Respawn Entertainment, the masterminds behind Apex Legends, were caught off guard by their own success. They never expected their venture into the bat...

Lauren Bergin

Feb 14, 2024

Apex Legends: Riding the Battle Royale Wave - How Many Legends Reign in 2024?

Respawn Entertainment, the masterminds behind Apex Legends, were caught off guard by their own success. They never expected their venture into the battle royale genre to explode like it did. Yet, within the first 24 hours of its release on February 4, 2019, Apex Legends amassed a staggering one million players. Talk about hitting the ground running!

The numbers only soared from there. By the end of its first week, Apex Legends had gathered 25 million players. Then, within the span of a month, that number skyrocketed to a mind-boggling 50 million. It was an exhilarating ascent to battle royale greatness.

Fast forward over five years and through 20 thrilling seasons, and the burning question remains: how many legends are still chasing victory in Apex Legends in 2024?

Well, hold onto your helmets, dear legends, because more than 130 million players have graced the arenas of Apex Legends since its inception. Mind you, this figure was last confirmed in 2022, which means it has likely surged even higher by now. The legends just keep on multiplying!

On April 14, 2021, Respawn Entertainment proudly announced that Apex Legends had reached the momentous milestone of 100 million players. The game's availability on Steam and Nintendo Switch played a significant role in boosting its popularity. It seems the legends were eager to conquer new territories.

During EA's earnings call in February 2022, the publisher revealed that Apex Legends had experienced a year-over-year increase of over 30% in monthly active players during Q3. With a staggering 28 million new players joining the fray in the past year and a continuous stream of new seasons and captivating in-game events, FY 2022 proved to be the most epic year yet for Apex Legends.

While the exact player count remained elusive, we can safely assume that somewhere around 130 million players have engaged in the adrenaline-pumping battles of Apex Legends. That's a whole lot of legends emerging victorious or meeting their untimely demise.

But what does the current landscape of Apex Legends look like in 2024? Well, my fellow legends, prepare yourselves for this thrilling revelation: there are a whopping 18 million active monthly players in Apex Legends. EA confirmed this during their FY2024 Q1 earnings call on August 1, 2023. The legends show no signs of slowing down!

Cast your minds back to August 2021 when EA initially divulged that Apex Legends boasted an average of 13 million weekly active players. Since then, that number has only grown. The legends have rallied, forming an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

However, the latter half of 2023 witnessed a slight dip in the average player count on Steam, the only platform providing live player count data. Fear not, for the legends remain resilient, adapting and strategizing to regain their dominance.

In the quest for accurate player count measurements, we turn to the ever-reliable Steam. As of February 2024, in Apex Legends' 19th season, its peak player count reached a formidable 438,349, slightly surpassing the figures from October 2023. The legends continue to assemble, forging new alliances and pushing the boundaries of victory.

Now, with Season 20 in full swing, we observe a peak player count of 315,000 for January 2024. Remember, these numbers pertain only to the Steam platform. The legends are not confined to a single realm; they transcend platforms, with players on consoles, Switch, and PC through the EA App. The grand total of legends participating in the battle royale spectacle is undoubtedly much higher.

Steam stands as the sole platform revealing accurate player count statistics accessible through their API. Platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, EA App, and Nintendo Switch keep their player numbers shrouded in mystery, leaving us to wonder about the magnitude of the Apex Legends phenomenon.

Apex Legends made its debut on Steam in November 2020, reaching its all-time peak player count of over 620,000 during Season 16. The legends proved their mettle, their battle cries echoing through the digital realm.

Let's take a moment to compare Apex Legends with other popular FPS games available on Steam. Warzone, part of the Call of Duty franchise, drew an average of 85,000 players on Steam as of January 2024. Though lower than Apex Legends, it's important to note that Call of Duty thrives on consoles. The legends may rule the PC realm, but the console battleground remains fiercely contested.

As the seasons unfold and the legends continue their journey, we shall keep you updated on the ever-changing player data. Staytuned for monthly reports on how many warriors are logging into Apex Legends each day. The legends' saga is ever-evolving, and we're here to witness every exhilarating twist and turn.

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So, my fellow legends, buckle up and prepare for another thrilling chapter in the Apex Legends saga. The battle rages on, and we'll be here, keeping you informed every step of the way. Together, we'll witness the rise of champions and the fall of pretenders in this extraordinary battle royale spectacle.


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